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In 1980 our Headquarters was established in The Netherlands, since then our main focus has always been to serve our customers in the best possible way. In the last four decades we have built a solid foundation whereby we offer our clients all the necessary services to buy and import their desired cars.

From our branch office in Dubai, which is situated in DUCAMZ and established in 2018, we also serve the Middle Eastern, African and Asian country customers with great pleasure during their entire buying process.

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Our method

At Story Auto, we strive for comprehensive customer care from A to Z. Therefore, we guarantee the entire buying and selling process. One of the main advantages of Story Auto is that we have all of our cars in stock in Haaften and in Dubai. This approach has been very consciously chosen, as we can quickly provide the necessary information on the vehicles and following payment, the customer can immediately take delivery of the car.

P.O. Box 121022, Showroom No. 073, Block no.8, New & Used Car Complex Phase II, Al Aweer, Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

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